Kaw Valley Heritage Alliance

Kaw Valley Heritage Alliance


To promote greater awareness, appreciation & stewardship of the cultural and natural resources of the Kansas (Kaw) River Valley.

Jason Fizell,
Executive Director
Alison L. Reber,
Kansas StreamLink Program Manager
Jeffrey Severin,
Kansas StreamLink Field Coordinator

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"Exploring the Kaw Valley:
A Guide to the Natural and Historic Treasures of the Kansas River Valley"

by Lynn Byczynski




Read Attitudes of Kaw Valley Residents toward Surface Water Quality (PDF)
A Survey Commissed by KVHA and funded by EPA Region VII
Prepared by David Burress and Brian L. Harris, Research Economists,
Policy Research Institute, University of Kansas - December 2000

Founded in 1995 by the Kansas Rural Center, the Kansas Land Trust, and the National Park Service; the Alliance has expanded its list of partners to include other nonprofit organizations, businesses, along with representatives of local, state and federal agencies. All partners of the Alliance have endorsed a "Vision Statement" that guides the actions and work of the Alliance:

The people of the Kaw Valley will maintain a strong sense of place and community. The Valley will be a land of farms and families, of neighborhoods, towns and cities. It will be a place where industry and business thrive; where natural and historical places are preserved; and where clean, healthy rivers and streams support aquatic life and offer recreational opportunities. People will build consensus for resource conservation and will promote responsible use of air, water, and land, while supporting a healthy economy.


Why The Kansas River?

For More Information, see "The Kansas River Corridor--Its Geologic Setting, Land Use, Economic Geology, and Hydrology," by the Kansas Geological Survey.

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The Kaw Valley Heritage Alliance recently incorporated as a nonprofit organization in Kansas. It currently consists of more than 40 groups that have signed a Partnership Agreement. Representatives of these groups serve on the Steering Committee, on the Board of Directors, or on KVHA’s subcommittees. Other individuals, committed to KVHA’s vision but not affiliated with one of the partnering groups, are eligible to serve on the Steering Committee or Board of Directors as well. Individuals can also help the Alliance implement its vision for the Kaw Valley by working on one of the subcommittees, on the newsletter, or by volunteering to help with programs, projects or events sponsored by the Alliance.

The real work of the KVHA is done within one of the five thematic subcommittees. Participants in the subcommittees include members of the Steering and Advisory Committees as well as other interested citizens. The five subcommittees are:
  • Agriculture
  • Culture and History
  • Livable Communities
  • Recreation, Travel & Leisure
  • Water & Natural Resources

Kansas StreamLink, our highly successful watershed education and exploration program, has its very own wonderful website. Check it out!

For more information on how to get involved in the Kaw Valley Heritage Alliance, send an email note to kvha@kvha.org

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