Kaw Valley Heritage Alliance

Partnership Agreement

This document serves as a partnership agreement among various agencies and organizations interested in the quality of life of the Kaw Valley.  The parties to this agreement include units of government; educational institutions; businesses; economic development groups; and agricultural, arts, civic, conservation, cultural, historical, and recreation organizations in the private sector.

The parties committed to this partnership are united by a mutual concern for the cultural and natural resources of the Kaw Valley.  The parties recognize that the region's quality of life and economic health are dependent on the ecologically responsible, economically viable, and socially acceptable use of the resources of the Kaw Valley.


The Kansas River (Kaw), stretching approximately 170 miles from the confluence of the Republican and Smoky Hill rivers near Junction City to the Missouri River in Kansas City, represents a vital resource to northeast Kansas.  It is the only navigable river in the area, providing a special opportunity for recreation-based economic development.  In addition, its tributaries and associated riparian vegetation provide some of the most important habitat for wildlife in Kansas.  The drainage of the Kaw Valley Heritage Alliance corridor to the Kansas River encompasses approximately 2,749 square miles and includes parts of 12 counties: Riley, Geary, Morris, Pottawatomie, Wabaunsee, Jackson, Shawnee, Jefferson, Douglas, Leavenworth, Wyandotte, and Johnson.


The people of the Kaw Valley will maintain a strong sense of place and community.  The valley will be a land of farms and families, of neighborhoods, towns, and cities.  It will be a place where industry and business thrive; where natural and historical places are preserved; and where clean healthy rivers and streams support aquatic life and offer recreational opportunities.  People will build consensus for resource conservation and will promote responsible use of air, water, and land, while supporting a healthy economy.


We the undersigned, considering the best interest of the cultural and natural resources and the future development of the region, mutually agree to fully cooperate and to provide technical and financial assistance, as available, to support the Kaw Valley Heritage Alliance.  Coordination of projects will be accomplished jointly through the Kaw Valley Heritage Alliance Steering Committee, composed of members signing this partnership agreement.

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